Ancient Maya Structures Found In Guatemala

There was an astounding find made in Nothern Guatemala this weekend. With the help of lasers, archaeologists were able to find more than 60,000 never before discovered ancient Maya structures.

The used to believe their area had bad connections. They were able to find farms, houses and defense forts. Also, 60 miles of roads and canal connect large cities together.

Before the discovery of these structures, in the past, archaeologists thought that the Maya lowlands were only small city-states. Also, that they each had their own government. However, new research has resulted in the theory that the cities actually had bigger populations and were more connected.

The Discovery Of Ancient Maya Structures In Guatemala

The research findings have scientists and researchers to believe that there were at least 11 million people living in the Maya civilization. Also, that they were in the region from 650 to 800 A.D.

The authorities of the article on the findings say that their re-evaluation of Maya demography, agriculture, and political economy are needed.

Using light detection and ranging, they were able to evaluate regional patterns in the area. They were able to discover a plethora of structures and settlements. Before, it was more difficult for researchers an scientists to know what ancient structures were buried.

Though lasers help the archaeologist determine where the sites are, they still have to go and discover what’s really under the surface physically.
Mary Jane Acuña is the author of the study. She says that the discovery was like putting glasses on when your eyesight blurs.

The Maya civilization expanded through southern Mexico to Guatemala and Belize. Past research was able to show that Mayan people were excellent harvesters, making calendars, and hieroglyphic writing. However, by 900 A.D. people were abandoning Mayan cities. To this day, scholars debate what the cause was for the decline of Mayan culture.