Chicago Bulls May Switch Their Starting Roster

A little while ago, the executive vice president of the Chicago Bulls, John Paxon, was doing a press release for the team. He was saying that they were excited that everyone on the team was in good health. That didn’t last long. On Friday, the press was notified about issues with some of the players.

We found out that Denzel Valentine was waiting for a re-evaluation after suffering a sprain, though moderate, to his left ankle. Also, An MRI exam conducted on Lauri Markkanen after suffering a high grade lateral right elbow sprain did not come back with good news. The player will have to miss six to eight weeks of the season.

Markkanen was able to bulk up to 240 pounds for the season, and it seems as though they aren’t going to see it put to use for some time. Before the injury, he was averaging 15.2 pounds and 7.5 rebound per game during his rookie season last year.

Chicago Bulls Pre-season begins This Sunday

Alls not over for Markkanen it is unfortunate, however, that he will be staring later. It’s looking as though he will miss anywhere between 12 to 19 games during the regular season. Also, he will have to regain all of his conditioning.

The preseason begins for the Bulls this coming Sunday as the faceoff against the Pelicans. Their regular season will start on Oct. 18 as they play Philidelphia.

Markkanen’s injury will have a significant effect on Fred Hoiberg’s rotation choice. He may choose to start Bobby Portis or slide in Jabari Parker who is the perfect power forward.

If Hoiberg does choose to go with Parker, they will open up a starting spot for either Justin Holiday. Or he may choose starting small forward Chandler Hutchison.

Though not the best for Markkanen, his injury opens up more playing time for Wendell Carter Jr who was a first-round pick. He wasn’t able to make it to Friday’s practice due to falling on his left shoulder during practice on Thursday.