Junk Food Withdrawal Is A Thing, So Beware

Many people take the plunge to drop fast food or sweets for more healthier options. Well, a new report says that the first week without junk food can be a trying time. According to a study conducted by those at Live Science, people who attempt to cut out highly processed foods from the diets experience the same physical and psychological symptoms as those quitting recreational drugs.

The study was about people who try to diet by giving up their junk food. According to the 200 people responding to the online questionnaire, they had the same feelings as someone giving up drugs. Symptoms they cited were mood swings, anxiety, cravings, poor sleep, and headaches. Also, their symptoms were most intense the first week. Scientists were able to not that the signs were in parallel of having drug withdraws. It makes sense due to past findings that junk food can trigger our brains the same way drugs can.

Withdrawal is critical when it comes to addiction. Showing that people may have the same results when they reduce how much junk food they eat supports the idea that processed foods are addicting.

Scientist Conduct Test To See If Junk Food With Drawal Coincides With Drug Withdrawl

More evidence is coming out that the foods that we eat affect our brains. More so, the foods that are highly processed and contain mass amounts of sugar. All of the junk can change our brain chemicals which is also possible when people have addiction drugs.

The study concludes that addiction and highly processed foods go hand in hand, can produce addiction-like responses in the human brain.

Hopefully, the research findings don’t stop you from wanting to drop your junk food habit. However, be mindful that the first few days aren’t going to be easy, but you can do it!