Dunkin Donuts Bringing New Changes To Stores

The upcoming January, Dunkin Donuts will drop the word donuts from the ads, packages, and signage. Also from all of their media accounts. The new marketing strategy is a part of Dunkin Brand’s effort to reimage themselves as more over beverage company. They will be adding more focus to their coffees, teas, and to-go items.

The company says that their beverages, more specifically coffee makes up 60% of their US sales.

CEO David Hoffman says that the new branding is only of-of the many things to come. They are in the process of working on a blueprint for growth as a way to modernize the Dunkin experience.

Dunkin Donuts To Rebrand Themselves

Even with the change of their name, Dunkin will continue to offer their doughnuts, as well as their popular Munchkins and they season menus additions. The company has more than 12,500 stores in the US alone. They bill themselves as being the largest doughnut sellers in the US, with them earning over 2.9 billion yearly.

Coffee aside, the company has put more effort into serving cold-brew beverages as well as iced teas and other drinks. They have also condensed their menu and allow for mobile order. The company has also added new items, such as Donut Fries to their menu.

The company brought the change last year during a news conference. They were able to test the new, modern stores in Pasadena, California. The company was also able to use the name at one of their stores in Massachusetts as well. The store has digital kiosks, more selection with their Grab & Go items as well as a drive-thru that allows for customers to cut the line if they had used the app to order.

The company has plans to expand. They will be opening 1,000 new stores in the U.S. before the end of 2020.