Governor In Kenya Stands Trial For Murder

Okoth Obado, a governor in Kenya, is being charged in court for aiding and abetting the murder of his ex-girlfriend, who was a pregnant student.

The governor plead not guilty.

The body of Sharon Otieno, 26, was a forest.

She was stabbed in her neck, abdomen and back eight times. There were also signs of rape. Sadly, the unborn baby did not survive the attack. Mr. Obado remains in custody. He did apply for bail.

Melida Auma, the mother of the dead woman, was able to appear in court. However, reporters were able not that she was very emotional.

Governor In Kenya On Trial For Murder

Noodin Haji, the chief prosecutor of Kenya says that two of Mr. Obado’s aides gave him the order to charge the governor. One charge was for murder, and the other was for abetting murder.

Kenyans have been angry over the whole situation. Barack Oduor, a journalist with the Nation Meda Group says that Ms. Otieno got in contact with him about an affair.

After meeting up, the two were kidnapped on Sept. 3.

He was able to escape from the speeding car, however, Otieno was still with the abductors.

Two days later, police were able to find her body. It was in a thicket in western Kenya.

Police were also able to track to abductors car.

Investigators found out that Ms. Otieno and Obado were in an intimate relationship. Also, that the baby the woman was carrying was the governors, and he was not happy.

However, Mr. Obado continues to deny having any involvement with the murder of Otieno.

According to a statement from the governor, he is a law-abiding citizen, and he had nothing to do with the cruel death of Ms. Otieno.

Last week, his lawyer Cliff Ombeta says that his defense was giving Ms. Otieno financial support, but had no involvement with her murder.