Swollen Pinkie Leads To Tuberculosis

When someone’s finger is swollen, it usually means that they have a sprain. However, one woman in California found out that her puffy pinkie was a sign of tuberculosis.

The woman in question’s finger was swollen, and she was in pain for a week before deciding to go to her doctor. There was no injury that caused the swelling to her appendage. After receiving a CT scan and an x-ray, they saw that the swelling was in the soft tissue of her finger. The soft tissue includes muscles, tendons, and skin. However, the bones in her finger were fine.

The next step was to perform a biopsy with the woman’s skin tissue. They were able to find Micro-bacterium tuberculosis bacteria in her pinkie. This specific bacteria causes tuberculosis.

Swollen Pinkie Turns Out To Be Tuberculosis

According to officials, the woman has lupus and takes medicine that suppresses her immune system. Unfortunately, doing so made her more susceptible to bacterial infections.

Tuberculosis bacteria can affect a person’s lungs. However, the bacteria can infect other parts of the body as well. The parts that the virus can infect are your brain, spine, and kidneys.

Having the infection show in your finger is very rare, and doctors call it an extra-pulmonary manifestation. The author of the article on the woman in question published it online in The New England Journal of Medicine.

How did the patient contract the disease in the first place? Well, after an investigation into the issue, all fingers were pointed at the woman’s husband. After coming back from traveling to China, he began to cough. Not too long after his first cough did he receive s diagnosis of tuberculosis.

For nine months, the woman was able to receive treatment from several anti-tuberculosis drugs. Afterward, there were no more symptoms, and the woman was tuberculosis free!