Female Drummer Says Beyoncé Hexed Her

Currently, there is a female drummer who is accusing Beyoncé of using extreme witchcraft against her. She claims that the mega superstar is casting spells and that she was the reason for the death of her cat. People are taking the woman’s accusations very seriously.

Kimberly Thomson, the drummer in question, claims that she has been a part of Beyoncé’s ensemble for seven years. She says that the singer uses “dark magic” and “magic spells of sexual molestation.”

According to court documents on for the case, Bey was the reason why so many bag things happened to the former drummer. There have been job losses, magic spells against her lover, the death of her kitten, and many failed relationships. She goes to claim that the singer is tapping her phones and messing with her funds.

Reports from new sources says that Thompson was apart of an all-female band that was performing with Beyoncé. She has all been able to release some albums on her own record.

Female Drummer Accuses Beyoncé Of Using Witch Craft

Unfortunately for Thompson, a judge denied her request for a temporary restraining order. However, there are people who believe her.

Theorists claim that the song “Single Ladies” contains a message that can be heard while playing the song backward.

Some believe that there is a connection between the rise of Beyoncé and the death of R&B singer Aaliyah. There are people who believe that Aaliyah was on her way to being the queen of the music industry. However, after her death, Beyoncé took the spot at the top.

According to some conspiracy theorists, Blue Ivy is an acronym for Born Living Under Evil Illuminati’s Very Youngest. Neither the queen of R&B or her reps have made any comments on the case. In the words on Yonce, “Y’all haters corny with that Illuminati mess.”