Sewing Needs Found In Fruit In Australia

Australian police are finding sewing needles in apples and bananas. The crisis first began with strawberried having the needles inside them.

Across six stated in the country, officers have found more than 25 fruit with these needles inside. Two people have been to the hospital after accidentally eating fruit. Luckily, the injuries were minimal.

A man from Queensland, northeastern Australia, was able to publish a video indication that one of his friends swallowed a needle in a strawberry. Afterward, the footage went viral,

People started noticing needles in their strawberries earlier this month after a man in Queensland, northeastern Australia, published a viral post claiming that his friend accidentally swallowed half a sewing needle while eating fruits, and had to be sent to the hospital.

All Throughout Australia, People Are Finding Sewing Needles In Their Fruit!

After swallowing part of a needle, Hoani Hearne, 21 from Queensland had to go to the hospital after developing severe abdominal pain.

According to Hoani, she bit straight into the needle. She says that her immediate response was to swallow.

Since Tuesday, all six Australian states have seen the cases mount up of the fruit with needles in them. So far, there have been 26 incidents.

A man in York, Western Australia, which is on the other side of Queensland was washing his strawberries when he found a needle in his fruit. This report came from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Police said on Tuesday that they received numerous reports from others discovering needles as well. The stories come from Perth suburbs such as Kelmscott, Bull Creek, and Spearwood according to

Currently, police do not have any clues or lead as to who may be the culprits. They do not know how the needles are getting into the store-bought strawberries. Also, they do not know at which point in the production process was the fruits contaminated.