Pro Football Hall Of Famers Boycott

More than a dozen members of Pro Football Hall of Fame, including Eric Dickerson, and saying they will boycott the annual induction ceremony. The reason for the boycott will be due to not receiving health insurance or an annual salary from the organization.

On Tuesday there was a letter sent out by the Hall of Famers speaking on the growing revenue the organization received. The letter names NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Also, NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith and Hall of Fame president David Baker. In the letter, they say that they deserve to receive better treatment. Actually, the same treatment as the founders and early workers of the organization.

The letter goes on to say that it is time for them to receive better treatment. The reason being, them giving so much of themselves to the game. Also, they say that if their demands are not met, those in the Hall of Fame will not attend the induction ceremony.

Pro Football Hall Of Famers Seeking Better Pay

Dickerson, who played for the Los Angles Rams and the Indianapolis Colts is leading the group. Other members include Jim Brown, Marshall Faulk, Marcus Allen, Joe Namath, and Deion Sanders. All of there John Hancocks are on the letter.

However, Former Rams, New York Giants and Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner says that his name is on the letter, but it was a mistake. Also, former San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Jerry Rice says his name is in the letter, but he wants no parts.

Baker, the president of the Hall of Fame, says that he is aware of the issues in the letter. He goes on to say that many Hall of Famers has reached out to him in support of the Hall. The organization will continue to Honor the Heros of the Game, Preserve its History, promote its Values & Celebrate Excellent EVERYWHERE!’