Vampire Facials Leads To Infection

People receiving vampire facials and or any other form of injection services at an Albuquerque should go and get tested for HIV. Health officials say that it is an unsafe practice and for people to be aware.

On Tuesday, the New Mexico Department of Health said that a client at VIP Spa now has an infection after receiving a spa procedure from the facility.

The department is warning people that if have received the procedure, that should head to a clinic as soon as possible. They are checking people for not only HIV but hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

The unsafe practice has called for an investigation into the spa’s practices. The investigation led to a cease and desist letter, which prompted the spa to close.

Vampire Facials Giving People Infections

Typically, vampire facials or plasma-rich protein facials do not expose clients to any of these particular blood-borne infections.

The vampire facial requires drawing a patients blood. Afterward, the blood goes through a process in a centrifuge machine and spun really fast. Doing so helps to extract the plasma which is full of nutrients and protein that help stimulate the growth of new skin cells.

The spa worker then layers the plasma on top of the client’s face. Then, reinjects plasma into their skin using a micro-needling pen.
Sometimes, spa workers don’t properly sterilize their equipment between facials which can expose clients to blood-borne infections.

Officials recommend that if you are looking to have the procedure, take certain precautions. Make sure to watch the practitioners open new syringes for drawing blood. Also, look for them to change the micro-needling pen before the procedure begins.

Also, it is important that patients check that the facility they are visiting follows simple procedures. The procedures include washing their hands and wearing gloves as well as wearing masks and disposing of waste properly.