Fan Bingbing, Famous Actress In China, Missing

According to officials in China, one of their top actresses has not been seen or heard from since June. Fan Bingbing is paid actress from China who is also well known to Hollywood audiences. She has made appearances in X-Men movies as well as westerns.

However, in China, Bingbing is a top celebrity. She has been a part of thousands of ads, and she has affiliations with many top luxury brands. In 2015, Times magazine called her China’s most famous actress.

Well, in the month of June, on her social media accounts she said that she was on her way to visit a Tibetian children’s hospital. However, no one has heard from the actress. Some speculate that she may b evading her taxes.

The reason for the speculation came from a September 6th article from Securities Dail claiming that she will be receiving legal judgment. The article is no longer available.

Fan Bingbing, Top Celebrity Actress From China, Missing

People in the country have been persecuted for tax evasion in the past. One well-known artist in the country, Ai Weiwei, was in jail for three months during 2011. After signing a confession to tax evasion, she was later released.

Issues surrounding Bingbing first began in May after copies of a film contract signed by the actress were all over China’s social media.

Global Times, a Chinese tabloid, were the ones to leak Bingbing’s contract. One contact was showing that she was receiving $1.5 million for a film, the other was for $7.5 million. The two contracts in China go by the term “yin-yang contracts.” People do so as a way to evade taxes.

So far, representatives of Fan Bingbing have all denied that there was a set of two contracts. With that in mind, authorities still want there to be an investigation. However, since the call for the investigation, she has been gone, and no one technically knows where she is.