Taco Bell Employee Refuses Customers Order

A Taco Bell employee in Hialeah, Florida is without a job after viral video shows her refusing customer’s order.

On Wednesday night, Alexandria Montgomery was only trying to place her order at a Taco Bell drive-thru in English. The employee at the window chose not to take her order because she the customer wasn’t speaking Spanish.

The footage, which was posted Thursday night on the woman’s Facebook page, shows Montgomery asking the employee for the manager.

The employee answers in Spanish that the manager is at home asleep. When she does, it’s very dismissively. She goes on to say in Spanish, that there is no one else available to take her order and asks her to leave before she calls the cops.

She then tells Montgomery that she has a car behind her, and closes the window in her face. The employee then asks for Montgomery to move and that there is no one there who speaks English.

Hialeah Taco Bell Employee Is Without A Job After Refusing Woman’s Order In English

Next, two Taco Bell workers try to approach the window after hearing the altercation but do not try to help the customer.

Finally, Montgomery and the passenger in her car leave without purchasing any food.

Taco Bell Corp told reporters in the area that what the employee was doing does not meet their expectations.
A spokesperson for the franchise says that they have dealt with the matter.

Montgomery was able to update her post to let everyone know that the employee is no longer working at the Taco Bell in question.

The company was able to confirm later that the individual was no longer working for the brand.

Most comments on Montgomery’s post were supportive of her and was saying that the employee was being racist.

Currently, Hialeah, Florida has the largest Hispanic population in the U.S.