Tennis Umpires Are Upset With The WTA

Tennis umpires are making their voice heard after the outcry that has come from Naomi Osaka defeating Serena Williams this past Saturday.

It seems that they are feeling unsupported, especially when it comes to umpire Carlos Ramos. Over the weekend, he was on the receiving end of argumentative outbursts from Serena.

According to a report from The Times of London, umpires are speaking up and out about feeling as though the USTA is not supporting them. An anonymous source is saying that some umpires are thinking about boycotting all of Williams’s next matches.

The source went on to tell The Times that there are a group of Umpires who feel that Ramos was merely doing his job and was abused for doing so. According to the source, many umpires are considering not to take part any in matched that involve Williams. That is until she apologizes for calling Ramos a thief and a liar.

Tennis Umpires Are Ready To Go On Strike!

Ramos gave Wiliams three code violation during her loss to Osaka. Early on during the second set, Ramos did warn her against receiving coaching. However, Williams is on record saying that she did not receive any coaching during the match.

After receiving the violations, Williams began to smash her racket and accuse Ramos of sexism. She says he would have never given a man a violation for saying the same things she did. During a post-match media conference, Williams went on to explain where her anger was coming from.

For her outburst, Williams has to pay $17,000.

Richard Ings, a former Gold Badge umpire says that officials feel as though the WTA does not have their back. They feel as though the WTA is abandoning them, especially when they have to calls that are unpopular.

The ITA, however, is on Ramos side and respect him as an umpire. They believe that his decisions were in accordance with the rules of the sport.