Walt Disney World Raises Wages In Florida

On Thursday, workers at Walt Disney World were able to approve a new wage increasement contract. Over the next three years, the minimum wage will increase to 15 dollars an hour. Doing so will help keep part-time Disney workers aboard longer before seeking employment elsewhere.

Union officials at Disney believe that the new contract will impact the outside of Disney as businesses without a union in the central Florida area fight for wage increases. The new agreement will cover 70,000+ Walt Disney workers.

Those included in the contract are costumed characters, bus drivers, and launderers. Also, retail workers, monorail drivers, custodians, housekeepers, servers, cooks, florists, makeup artists, and lifeguards.

Other raising the minimum wage, the new contract which expands to four years is to increase the salaries for those already working
at Walt Disney World up to $4.75 an hour by Oct. 2021. They will also receive a $1,000 bonus.

Walt Disney World Raises Wages For Florida Workers And They Are Ecstatic!

The union has agreed to allow Disney to hire more part-time workers in acceptance of the contract. When the old deal was in place, only 35 percent of the workforce was able to be part-time workers. Now the number is up 3 percent.

Also under the new deal from Disney, new hire have to wait a certain amount of time before seeking employment elsewhere. Under the old contract, workers were able to transfer after six months. However, now they have to wait a year. There is also an expansion of workers who receive random drug tests.

According to the president of the Service Trades Council Union, the focus of the contract was about how the workers were in need of a raise. Not just those already at Disney, but those coming to Disney. He considers the rise in wages as a monumental moment for the company.