Egypt Officials Sentencing 75 To Death Saturday

Egypt officials will be sentencing 75 people to death on Saturday. Those involved include the top leaders of the group Muslim Brotherhood. In 2013, the group chose to protest by conducting a sit-in. Security forces broke up the sit-in, and in the midst of it, all 600 people lost their lives.

There are 739 defendants in the case. All of them are facing an array of charges from murder to damaging property. 46 of them are facing life in prison, including the Mohammed Badie, the head of the group.

Photo Journalist Mahmoud Abu Zaid, or Shawkan, is looking to receive up to five years in prison. He already has been time since 2013, so he may very well walk away free after his sentencing.

Egypt Officials Sentencing Many To Death Following Sit-in Resulting In Death Of 600 People

The city of Cairo was where the sit-in occurred. The reason behind the sit-in was support of the stalwart of the brotherhood, Mohammed Morsi. In 2012, he was elected freely as Egypt’s president. However, in 2017 the Egyptian military drove him out of office after days of people protesting for his removal.

Osama Morsi, one of the sons of the former president, is looking to receive ten years in jail, along with 22 other defendants.374 members of the group are looking to face 15 years in prison. Another 215 members may face five years.

According to BBC news, in July, 75 death sentences were given to defendants in this case.

Those in the Rights group Amnesty International believe that the trial is unfair in a major way. In June, Najia Bounaim, the director of campaign in North Africa for the group had a lot to say. He claimed that the trial would be a parody of justice. Also, that the prosecution will cast a dark shadow over the justice system in Egypt.