Dwayne Wade Is Still A Free Agent

With it being Septemeber, that means that we are 40 days away from the beginning of the NBA season. Currently, there aren’t any stars in the free agent market. However, Dwayne Wade,12-time All-Star and three-time NBA champion is still without a team.

Though the Miami Heat were able to lock in Udonis Haslem for a one year, $2.4 million deal, they still have one spot open on their team. It makes sense that the place would be for Wade; however, some aren’t too sure.

What has the all-star been up too lately?

Dwayne Wade has been seen at Nebraska football games. He was going viral this summer in Los Angels, popping up at random summer pickup games. He has also been hitting the gym hard.

Dwayne Wade Remains Without A Team

Earlier this summer there were rumors of a Chinese basketball team offering Wad $25 million to play overseas for three years. If so, at 36, that would be the richest deal ever in the history of Chinese basketball. However, he did not take the deal. Back June, Pat Riley said reporters that there has been no talk on whether Wade was for sure coming back to the Heat. However, he did mention that he wants him back on his team.

In August, a radio host in Houston reported that Wade was going to sign a one-year deal with the Heat and retire when the season comes to an end. However, on Twitter Wade was quick to diminish the rumor be tweeting, “Fake News.”

In August, a local radio host from Houston reported that Wade would sign a one-year deal with the Heat. Afterward, he would supposedly retire after the season. Wade called it out by tweeting, “Fake News.” Wade isn’t Kobe, but it’d be hard to fathom him turning down a retirement tour–type season.