Bobby Brown Autobiography Airs Tonight

Lifetime gave us a few significant documentaries and a movie on the life of the late Whitney Houston. However, we’ll get to hear more on “The Bobby Brown Story” based on the experience of Bobby Brown. Though it feels more that he is reclaiming his name and time, the two-night documentary gives viewers an insight of their marriage from his point of view.

The first hour of the documentary skips over his early years in the group New Edition. It jumps ahead to his career as a solo artist and the relationship between him and Whitney. Viewers also get the chance to see when Brown, makes his brother, played by Mekhi Phifer his manager. Also, his many love affairs, including his raunchy fling with Janet Jackson. Once he’s in a relationship with Houston, played by Gabrielle Dennis, complications come about.

The Bobby Brown Story Tells What Was Going On Between Him and Whitney’s Relationship From His Point Of View

Viewers have a chance to see an in-depth look into Brown’s drug use while touring. Also, a time when he was in jail. In one of their fights, Houston tells the singer that her fans loved her before she met him. This happens as many tabloids about the two continue to pile up. There is plenty of music in the autobiography that reminds viewers and old fans why he was at one point, at the top. The second part of the two-part series becomes more morbid as we see the deaths of not only Whitney, but their daughter together Bobbi Kristina, and parents.

Even with all of the melodrama in the autobiography, Woody McClain, plays a convincing Brown throughout many years of his life.

Though it may seem that Brown’s version of events doesn’t match up with the other depictions of the couple, it makes sense. Bobby’s autobiography means Bobby’s story

“The Bobby Brown Story” will premiere tonight, Sept. 4 and Wednesday, Sept. 5 at 9 p.m. on BET.