Liquid Nitrogen Snack Sold At Mall Causing Issues

There is snack served at malls that goes by the name Dragon’s Breath, and the FDA is warning against the snack. The special treat is infused with liquid nitrogen, allowing for you to blow smoke after ingesting the food.

According to a spokesman at the agency, there have been severe, even life-threatening injuries from ingesting the treat. Some kids have had damage not only to their skin but to the internal organs. Some kids experience difficulty breathing after inhaling the vapor that comes from the liquid nitrogen.

One mother in Florida says that her son had to go to the hospital after eating the snack. Other monikers for the treat are Heaven’s breath and Nitro puff.

Companies Selling Liquid Nitrogen Snack Beware! It’s Causing Breathing Issues and Skin and Organ Damage

40 minutes after eating the snack from the mall, the boy began to experience dangerous side effects. Around 10 minuted into the car ride; her son began to cough a little. After another 10 minutes, the cough was louder and was more persistent. His coughing was so bad that at one point his mother says that he couldn’t catch his breath.

At this point, his mother says that they knew he wasn’t breathing properly and were afraid that they wouldn’t get him to a hospital in time. Fortunately for the young boy and his family, her husband knew that they were near a fire station. After stopping at the firehouse, paramedics were able to treat the boy with albuterol and an IV before bringing him the nearest hospital. He was ready to go home the next day.

Though liquid nitrogen is non-toxic, it can severely cause damage to skin and internal organs. The FDA says that inhaling the vapor that comes food or drinks the preparer’s add liquid nitrogen to can cause breathing difficulties.