Rodrygo Praises Fans of Santos After Violence with Copa Libertadores

Rodrygo Goes, the forward for Santo, scheduled to join Real Madrid next summer, defended fans of the Brazilian club after the disruption they caused on Tuesday during the 16 Copa Libertadores clash against Independiente. The outage caused the match to suspend 12 minutes from time.

Santos fans began protesting against the decision CONMEBOL made to change the first-leg results from last week from 0-0 to 3-0 Independiente win because of the midfielder, Carlos Sanchez’s, ineligibility. Rodrygo, 17, says he agrees with the fans saying they were right to react the way they did.

In a comment, Rodrygo says the fans did well and that what happened to them was a disgrace. The fans had every right to act as they did that day. Even though the game ended when the trial results came out, many were highly tempted to talk poorly on the situation, but there’s nothing anyone could do so the forward said he still had to stay.

A fan-taken video just after Tuesday’s match suspension, the teen shouts, “CONMEBOL..” and cursed them out per Marca.

FC’s Franco Sui Yuan and Goal of Oklahoma City Energy both provided footage of the incident. In the video, we see fans fighting with police officers after they throw flares in the Estadio Pacaembu.

Is Rodrygo Right in Claiming Football in South America is Being Harmed With A Lack of a Union?

Due to a red card Sanchez took while playing in 2015 for River Plate, officials deemed him ineligible to play in the opening leg.

Per Goal’s Sacha Pisani, Independiente made a successful argument. He claims that Sanchez hadn’t deserved the entirety of his ban before the clash on August 22. The result changed, favoring the Argentinian’s side.

The days after the decision, Santos released a statement that expressed their dissatisfaction, per Pisani.

Faced with the instability in the current political scenario experienced by the clubs in Brazil in CONMEBOL, there is a growing need for a union to unite all of Brazil’s sports representatives. Hopefully, should a union exist, football (Soccer) won’t be as harmed as it currently is.

Pisani promised to go to the last instance to defend their right to compete equally. He also promised they wouldn’t fade in the incessant search for the justice damages already caused.