Coconut Oil Not As Healthy As First Thought

According to Karin Michels, who is a professor at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health is letting everyone know coconut oil isn’t as good for you as of first thought. In a 50 minute lecture, she explains how it is one of the worst foods for human consumption.

In her lecture, she compares the oil to lard when it comes to the high level of saturated fatty acids. There was a study done by the American Heart Association (AHA) that says that coconut oil is worse for your health than butter.

The report from AHA goes on to strongly advise people not to ingest the fatty oil. Michels say that there are other super foods such as acai, chia seeds and matcha that aren’t the best for consumption as well. She says that people should seek out nutrients in more fruit rather nuts.

Coconut Oil May Not Be As Healthy For Us As We Think

Over the years, coconut oil has been the go-to when it comes to healthy foods. Sales of the oil have gone through the roof. Especially since people are noting that it boosts your health and help with weight loss. Also, there are rumors that it help treat Alzheimer’s disease.

On Monday, Qi Sun, an associate professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School pokes with the New York Times and says that extra virgin coconut is good for folks. The reason being that is has antioxidant properties. However, most of the coconut oil on grocery shelves do not contain as many antioxidants. With that in mind, the fat content within the oil and its effect outweighs the good effects of the antioxidants.

Celebs such as Gwyneth Paltrow are to blame when it comes to other celebrities hopping on the coconut oil train. She promotes not only the oil but also using it to moisturize your skin and to help make your teeth shine brighter.