Drake Visits 11-year-old In Chicago Children’s Hospital

This past Monday, Drake visited eleven-year-old Sofia Sanchez in her hospital room.

Sanchez is currently waiting in Chicago’s Children’s Hospital for a heart transplant. Doctors diagnosed the girl with cardiomyopathy, a common symptom of this condition is heart failure. Nearly one month ago, Sanchez had open heart surgery. During her recovery, she decided to do the Kiki Challenge. The dance was filmed in the hallway of the hospital. Sanchez had her IV attached to her arm and a smile on her face.

The video showing Sanchez dancing to “In My Feelings” by Drake, made its way to the rapper. After the urging of social media to visit the girl, he made his way to Chicago.

Sanchez was speechless when Drake pulled back the dividing curtain in her hospital room. When he came in, Sanchez couldn’t believe it. She mentioned she never imagined him being as tall as he was. The preteen didn’t talk for a full minute, wondering whether this was real or not.

Sofia Sanchez’s Wish to Meet her Idol, Drake, Comes True

The video taken of their first meeting shows Sanchez stunned before screaming excitedly upon realizing Drake is in front of her. The fan jumped out of her bed and wrapped Drake in a big hug.

The video released by the hospital has since seen more than 50,000 views on Facebook alone. In the video, an ecstatic Sanchez and Drake are seen talking and taking photos in her hospital room.

The two talked about basketball as well as her other favorite Canadian, namely Justin Bieber. The two took several photos together, two of which the rapper shared on social media. Before departing, Drake gave Sofia a few autographs along with merchandise from “Scorpion,” his latest album.

With a “Scorpion” hat, Sanchez eagerly described the moment she met her idol, only two days after her 11th birthday. She says it is a miracle since it’s one of the first wishes she received in a long time. Sofia mentioned she wanted him to cheer her up for her birthday this past weekend. She also says this was the best birthday present she’s ever received.

Not only did Drake make a child’s birthday dream come true, but he also managed to take her mind off her heart condition for a short while. She seems to have made a lasting friend as well. Before Drake left, Sofia called after him that she would talk to him on FaceTime.