Floods In India Leave Over 800,000 Homeless

Around 800,000 people no longer have homes and more than 350 have died after undergoing the worst floods ever in the southern part of India, Kerala.

The turmoil began on Aug. 8 after downpours led to floods and landslides. The landslides were so strong and powerful that they began dislodging homes and bridges in the state of Kerala.

According to P.H Kurian, a top disaster management in the area says that thousands of rescuers continue to reach out to those no longer with homes. Also, they continuing their efforts to get relief supplies those in isolated areas.

Current Floods In India Wreak Havoc Throughout The Nations Mainlands

There are around 4,000 relief camps across the state of Kerala, and close to 800,000 people remain in these shelters.The rain is to continue throughout Monday. In certain areas, residents can see the bodies of dead cattle floating in muddy water. Flood waters in these areas are close if not already 10 feet high. One woman, 80-year-old Bhavani Yamma told rescuers that she did not want any help and that she would rather die there.

They were, however, able to rescue a 61-year-old kidney ailment patient who in need of dialysis twice per week. Officials in the area were not expecting as much damage as there is. By Wednesday of last week, they were able to see where the storm was heading. They are all ready for it to be over.

The flooding is the worst it’s been in the area in over a century. The rainfalls in certain areas is over double of what they normally receive during the country’s monsoon season.

In less than a week, 250 people have died due to the flooding and another 31 are missing. There have been over 1,000 deaths in seven Indian states since the beginning of monsoon season. This number includes more than 250 from Kerala.