Cyst In Woman’s Eye Actually Old Contact Lens

A 42-year-old woman found out that what she thought was cyst growing in her eyelid was actually a contact lens. The lens had been embedded into her eyelid for 28 years!

The cyst began as a lump the size of a pea under her left eyebrow. Within six months it grew bigger and was visible on an MRI. Not only did the bulge cause the woman pain, but her eyelid was dropping as well.

Surgeons were able to find that the contact lens was covered in skin tissue. The woman in question could not believe her issue came about from a contact lens. Her mother was able to remember that when the woman was 14 that she was hit in the eye with a shuttlecock. They were never able to find the contact lens she was wearing. Her family assumed that the contact lens was no longer in her eye.

Woman’s Cyst Actually Is 28-Year-Old Contact Lens

After the incident, she never wore those specific contacts again. After the removal of the contact lens, the woman was no longer in pain. The contact lens that was in her eyelid was gas-permeable. Gas-permeable contact lenses are made from durable plastic that allows for the transmission of oxygen to the eye.

It’s quite common for a person to lose a contact within their eyelid. However, it is not common for the body to encapsulate the lens as if it were a foreign object.

In 2017, doctors were able to find 27 soft contact lens in another British woman’s eye. In her right eye was a clump of 17 disposable contacts. However, in her left eye were ten more.

If you ever find yourself in the same predicament as these women, make sure to tell your eye doctor as soon as possible. Also, be sure to speak to them about any past eye trauma.