Rascal Flatts End Concert in Indianapolis Early for Safety and Security Reasons

The Country-pop Band, Rascal Flatts cited a security and safety concern at their concert in Indianapolis this past Thursday. Due to the concerns, the show ended abruptly as concertgoers were ushered out of the arena.

The nature of the security issues, however, remain unclear.

The 24,000-capacity Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center works to get ready for Jeff Beck, Paul Rodgers, REO Speedwagon, and Chicago this weekend. The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office is looking into the situation that led to the evacuation of the Rascal Flatts concert. The band had plans for a multi-song encore scheduled 15 minutes before the venue’s curfew at 11 p.m.

Since the investigation is active and open, the sheriff’s office disclosed no further details. We are still uncertain of the type of safety issue. Any other details are unavailable for release at this time.

The announcement of the investigation by the sheriff’s office came after a Facebook post from Rascal Flatts. The post explained that due to a safety concern at the show, they began to execute standard safety procedures as everyone left the building. The band thanked everyone for following the precautions as the safety for everyone on and backstage as well as in the audience is always their top priority. They then promised they would return soon to the stage.

Fans Left Confused and Disappointed After Abrupt End to Rascal Flatts Concert

Many fans expressed their disappointment via social media about the abrupt end to the show. At least two of the band’s well-known songs- Life is a Highway, and God Bless the Broken Road- could have fit in the 15 minutes remaining of the show.

According to one attendee, the announcement that the show was over via the PA system occurred during a regular break in the performance. Typically, fans would cheer to coax the musicians back to the front of the stage after the main set.

The crowd booed as they continued to wait in the pavilion. The security soon came and asked everyone to leave. When asked what was happening, security told the crowd they had to evacuate the premise immediately.

Andy VonDielingen, one of the attendees, said he noticed something in the general admission pit close by the stage.

The band had just finished their last song of the main set. It was just before what the crowd expected to be a false farewell before the encore. Jay Demarcus, the piano player, began the song then stopped abruptly and left. Soon after, the lights came on, and security is taking away a man in his 20s out of the pit as a general sense of confusion circles in the crowd.