Coach Scott Frost Home Robbery, 1 Suspect In Custody

On the weekend of July 28th and 29th Huskers Head Football coach, Scott Frost’s home was burglarized. On Thursday, August 9th, according to a police report, they were able to arrest a 17-year-old female suspect in connection with the burglary. Officers were able to recover one pair of shoes so far.

The 17-year-old in question is currently at the youth detention center. Police expect to make more arrests soon. Officers also believe that the suspects know that the home belonged to Frost.

The thieves stole several pairs of shoes, helmets, and artwork worth a total altogether of $50,000.

Frost’s home is located in a neighborhood near 27th and Pine Lake Road. Though the burglars took shoes and helmets and such, they did not take any of his dozens of Championship rings.

17-year-old Female Suspect In Custody Over Theft At Huskers Head Football Coach Scott Frost’s Home

At first, they thought the rings were missing. However, LDP was able to confirm on Monday that Frost was able to locate his rings in his garage. Also in the garage were his WII and a single helmet.

The burglars were able to gain entry into Scott Frost’s home through a walk-in door in the garage that was not locked. At the time of the burglary, his house was vacant and undergoing renovations.

Currently, an investigation into burglary continues.

In a statement from Frost About the burglary, he says that the incident was very disappointing and discouraging. He says that all of their belongings were rummaged through. Also, that it will take weeks to determine all of what is missing. Scott frost went on to clarify that even though he thought some things were missing, they indeed were in his garage. Another thing he was sure to note was that the value of what they believe is missing is actually lower than what was in the report.