Chipotle Faces Two Lawsuits After Illness Outbreak

Chipotle is making headlines again and not for a good reason. One of the franchise’s restaurants in a is facing its second lawsuit. At least 703 people have become ill after eating the food from the restaurant.

The restaurant in question has been out of business since July 26, after reports of being sick first came rolling in.

Reports Of Illness From Chipotle Causes One Ohio Chiptole To Close It’s Doors

The Delaware County General Health District has been in charge of investigating all the claims. Also, for different foodborne illnesses in customers. They have been tested for E. coli, norovirus, Shigella, and salmonella. According to reports from the Dayton Daily, so far, all of the tests have come back negative. So far, the cause for the illness in restaurant goers is still unknown.

Traci Whittaker, a spokeswoman for the health district, says that they are currently running tests on food from the chain.

A spokesperson from the franchise says that they are doing their best to cooperate with the county’s health department when it comes to the outbreak.

According to a Chipotle spokeswoman, they are acting diligently and chose to close this specific restaurant out of many due to caution. They hope to reopen the restaurant in the near future.

Reports from the Dayton Daily say that two lawsuits against the franchise are underway and more may come. Clayton Jones, who became ill from their food, is suing for $25,000 in damages. He says that he is still receiving medical treatment for his illness after eating their food.

Attorney Ron Simon, who is currently representing Jones, says that there will be many more lawsuits to come from the incident. He goes on to say that as of recent, they have been a part of hundreds of claims against the company. This is the seventh food poisoning outbreak from Chipotle in 3 years.