Jean-Henry Céant Recently Announced to be the Next Prime Minister of Haiti

Jovenel Moise, the Haitian President, announced Jean-Henry Céant to be the nation’s new prime minister this past Sunday.

In an official tweet, the current President, Moise stated that following the consultations with the Presidents of the two Parliment branches, he made the choice of Jean-Henry Céant for the newest Prime Minister.

This announcement comes three weeks after the resignation of the former Prime Minister, Jack Guy Lafontant. His departure occurred during violent and deadly protests started by a plan proposed to raise the price of fuel significantly. A previous notary by profession, Céant has been a part of Haitian politics for a long time. He even ran for president of the country back in 2016.

One of Céant’s recent tweets thanked the President of the Republic for choosing him as his Prime Minister. Céant mentions that he welcomes the commitment of both Presidents from the two chambers of Haiti’s National Assembly. Céant also said he understands the scope of the task the Presidents gave him as well as the challenges that await him in his new position of Prime Minister.

Problems of Haiti That Jean-Henry Céant will Have to Face as Prime Minister

Lafontant, the former Prime Minister, resigned on the 14th of July before the nation’s parliament just previous his facing a vote of no confidence. The government under Lafontant underwent fire after protesters amassed in the streets earlier in July to respond to a controversial plan. This plan could have raised the cost of gas by 38%, diesel by 47%, and kerosene by 51%. A couple of people died from the protests, a police officer, and social leader to be exact. The protests that killed them happened in Port-au-Prince,  according to the general secretary of Haiti’s National Palace, Yves Germain Joseph.

The US Embassy in Haiti declared a security alert that urged American citizens to avoid travel to the city. To those already nearby, the Embassy implored them to find shelter in place. Another request from the Embassy asked for additional US Marines and State Department security to augment security during the riots.

The State Department made a statement on July 10 saying the safety and security of Americans are their highest priorities. They continued telling the local law enforcement, and U.S. embassy security authorities would take any appropriate measures to ensure the safety of all personnel and visitors.

Later, the advisory from the State Department was downgraded from “do not travel” to “reconsider travel”.  Protests have also caused multiple airlines to halt flights temporarily to Haiti.