Tattoo Of Tom Brady’s Signature On Woman’s Arm

A woman from Stratford, Connecticut is making headlines over a tattoo. Megan Uhrynowski,19, claims to have been a Patriot fan all her life. On July 3, while at the Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass., she was able to meet her favorite player, Tom Brady. Well, not only was she able to meet her favorite player, but he also signed the young woman’s arm.

Woman Gets Tattoo Of Tom Brady’s Signature On Arm

In an interview, Megan says that for as long as she can remember, she has been in love with Tom Brady. The Sacred Heart University student went on to say that meeting him in person felt surreal. She says that she never thought in a million years that she would get the chance meet him. Let alone, receive his signature. According to Megan, having him sign her arm is an experience she will always remember.

Well, after having Brady’s autograph tattooed on her wrist, she will never forget the moment.

She believes the reason for Brady choosing her for a signature is because she yelled out to him, “Tom, sign my arm, and I’m going to get a tattoo tomorrow”.  As soon as he finished signing her arm, she went and got the tattoo. Her new tat has given the young lady the 15 minutes of fame she was looking for. After tweeting her story and a photo of the new tat, different local Boston media outlets have been reaching out to her.

Be that as it may, Megan says that her friends and family think she’s famous now. However, her parents weren’t so happy about the new body art. Even so, she was able to compromise with her parents. Megan got a smaller version of the signature on her wrist. Her initial plan was to get the tat over the actual signature on her forearm.