Keto-Friendly Foods You Can Snack On Daily

A lot of people have jumped on the keto bandwagon only to find it difficult at times to find delicious foods that work within the diet. Well, we’re here to tell you that going keto doesn’t mean no more snacks. Retailers such as Whole Foods have snacks that not only taste good but do your body some good as thoroughly. Below are a few keto-friendly snacks that will help conquer those hunger pangs.

Pork rings are one of the most popular keto snacks out there. Whole Foods sells 4505 Chicharrones ($3) pack that spicy, yet satisfying.

Cheese crisps are another favorite for those trying to stay in ketosis. Perfectly Crisp Parmesan Crisps ($2, originally $5) are a great snack to nibble on throughout the day.

Almonds are high in fat and protein, making them a perfect keto snack. 365 Everyday Value Raw Whole Almonds ($6) at whole foods are perfect if you are on the diet.

Snacks For Those On A Keto Diet

Coco Lite Multigrain Whole Wheat Pop Cakes ($13) are an awesome alternative to rice cakes. When you are having a craving for something that goes “crunch,” Coco Lite Multigrain Whole Wheat Pop Cakes are your go-to snack.

Needing something sweet in your life? Lily’s 70% Dark Chocolate With Sea Salt chocolate bar ($6 for 2) is right up your alley! These chocolate bars have a delicious dark chocolate flavor that is sure to keep that sweet tooth satisfied.

Looking for something more on the sour side? 365 Everyday Value Organic Kosher Dill Spears ($3) are your go-to snack. They are light and fresh with a savory taste.

Now, if you are looking for that’s high in protein, you may want to try Naturalissima Prosciutto Panino ($5). These are pieces of mozzarella wrapped in Italian ham that are a snack you go back for time and time again.