Bronny Jr. Has the Skills of his Father LeBron James

The best basketball player in the world, LeBron James, stated in a new HBO television series, “I still regret giving my 14-year old my name.”  The new series called, “The Shop” premieres August 28th. His son “Bronny” has inherited his dad’s basketball skills. The thing that makes him regret giving his child his name makes sense. It now makes extra pressure on him to be as good as his father. It’s almost expected. He wanted his children to be able to be kids still. Bronny now has a sort of celebrity status that he already has to deal with by just having his father’s name. Being good at basketball only heightens everyone’s expectations. He’s going to continuously be in the shadow of his father.

LeBron explains how when he was younger; he didn’t have a father figure because his dad was not around. His mother gave him her last name of “James.” He always told himself that he wanted to have a child with his name and do everything in his power to be there for him. He made sure he guided his son as best as he could in life to be successful. He kept his vow to himself when his son was born on Oct 6th, 2004. With Bronny taking after his father’s footsteps, he hopes he can reach the same status. However, that he didn’t want him to have the extra pressure to live up to.

Bronny Jr Has Big Shoes To Fill

Recently LeBron Jr. had a basketball game in Henderson, NV where LeBron Sr. was attending. The game was a late game starting around 9 p.m. It was a full gymnasium, and many fans were excited to see LeBron and LeBron Jr. A little after 9 pm., an altercation happened between a security guard and a parent from the opposing team. The Chicago “Mean Streets” parent of a player, Nicole Bankston, was upset because Mean street family members could not get in. Bankston explains, “The security got all up in people’s face, and I guess that’s how all the commotion started.” Within minutes, security was able to bring all the players out of the gym, to cancel the game.

It looks like LeBron Jr., 13-years old, is the next hottest youth basketball player. He is already getting more than a half million views on his plays and has led his team to a National Championship. LeBron states he wanted his son to love the game, and he never pushed him to be a basketball player. So far it looks like he is on his way in making it his career.