Connor McGregor In Court Over Incident In April

Connor McGregor, a mixed martial arts athlete, was in court this Thursday to plead guilty of disorderly conduct. At a Brooklyn arena, backstage, the young fighter got into a physical altercation. For his actions, McGregor will have to partake in five days of community service for his part in the fight. Also, according to CBS New York, the court will evaluate him to see if he needs to partake in an anger management program.

In video footage of the incident, viewers can see McGregor throwing a rail at fighters who were on a bus. The incident occurred in April after a UFC news conference for an event happening that night at Barclays Center. Unfortunately, two fighters were hurt after the rail broke through the glass, causing them to forfeit the fight for the night. McGregor’s original charges were assault, criminal mischief, and reckless endangerment.

During the sentencing, 30-year-old Connor faced the Brooklyn court with Cian Cowley, his friend, and co-defendant. He too will
partake in 3 days of community service as well as anger management courses. They no longer face felonious charges. The two also will have to pay damages caused to the bus and have three orders of protection against them.

Connor McGregor Receives Community Service As Punishment Stemming From A Fight In Barclays Arena

Outside the courthouse, Connor had the opportunity to address the issue at hand. He took the time to thank his family and friends for their continuous support.

According to a spokesperson for the court, the sentencing was fair, and it holds each defendant accountable for their actions. Also, the sentencing ensures that the victim will receive restitution as well as require both give back to the community.

For failing to defend his title in April,  Connor McGregor was no longer the UFC Lightweight Champion, and afterward, the incident occurred. During a court appearance in June, Connor said that he was regretful for his part in the melee.