Cold War Could be in the Process of Ending For Good At Long Last

North Korea recently announced its decision to end the decades-long state of war between its southern neighbor and the U.S. once and for all. The Korean Central News Agency released a commentary asking for a formal peace treaty for the Korean Peninsula. It claimed there are growing voices that demand the adoption of a declaration of war from the South. The Communist-backed Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or North Korea, and U.S.-backed South Korea also known as the Republic of Korea, fought back in the 50s starting off the Cold War, leaving all nations involved deeply scarred and hardened in their ideologies. This tension has kept the neighboring countries from agreeing upon permanent peace.

Current peace talks made unprecedented progress between North and South along with North Korea and the United States. All sides voiced their want for an official treaty to replace the armistice currently on the Korean Peninsula.

The commentary states the first process for defusing tension and creating lasting peace-keeping for the peninsula and a step towards building confidence between all nations involved is the declaration on the termination of war.

The commentary acknowledged the mutual calls for peace during the meeting between Kim Jong-un and South Korea’s President, Moon Jae-in during their meeting at the truce village of Panmunjom. Peace talks also included the Singapore summit last month between Kim Jong Un and President Trump. The commentary also criticized the right-wing Liberal Korea Party in South Korea and other conservative forces standing in the way of the signing of a peace treaty.

Tensions are Still High, but Lessening, Despite Possible Complete End of the Cold War on the Horizon

Chairman of the LKP Hong Joon-pyo vilified inter-Korea peace talks. He argued on Facebook last Friday the impossibility to establish peace among the two nations. However, this was before Kim’s complete abandonment of their nuclear weapons the government claimed were crucial to their survival. Even with Kim’s vow to denuclearize, Hong and many others stay skeptical. Even so, evidence shows the North making good on its promise to take down an essential launch facility.

Moon, as well as Trump, expressed confidence in the North Korean leader’s promise to denuclearize. This faith may be a bit surprising after the long, complicated history of failed talks over the three generations of the ruling dynasty of North Korea. Even so, the South Korean Defense Ministry went as far as revealing plans last Tuesday. There is potential they will put into work a full-scale pullout from the Demilitarized Zone. This zone is the most heavily fortified border between two countries in the world.

The Unification Minister of South Korea, Cho Myoung-gyon, expressed his optimism towards the creation of peace promptly. Cho explained to lawmakers his belief in the possibility of the Cold War ending within a year. He did add that consultations among the three nations are underway.