MGM Resorts International File Lawsuit Against Las Vegas Shooting Victims

Survivors of the Las Vegas mass shooting last October are disgusted and angry with MGM Resorts International. July 23 saw a press conference where survivors and family members of the massacre convened to speak on the lawsuit by MGM against the victims of the shooting to cover their company from liability.

The lawsuits filed on Friday named over 1,000 defendants, most of whom were people wounded or somehow injured during the rampage or the relatives of those killed. The entertainment company isn’t looking for monetary damages. Rather, it’s citing federal law, asking courts to protect it from legal actions from the victims.

Wayne Meyer, a father of one of the 58 killed in October, said the news of MGM suing him and the others made him relive his pain and suffering all over again. He mentioned how helpless it makes him feel not to mention the anger and disgust. He continues saying it seems they want to take what little he has left after the death of his son. As if losing a child wasn’t hard enough.

Another parent of a victim in the shooting, Joyce Shipp, said she was incredibly angry about the lawsuit. She’s mad about the fact that they’re suing the families now, or even at all.

Riverside County sheriff’s deputy, Jason McMillan, one of the surviving victims, expressed during the press conference on Monday how he used to protect others from danger during his days in law enforcement. Since paralyzed from the shooting, McMillan can no longer do what he did before. He can’t return to his previous job or his way of life. The company suing now over this is not only absurd but insulting as well. He can’t believe the audacity of the company as they merely skip over their responsibilities and liability for the tragedy.

Who’s to Blame? MGM Resorts International or  Contemporary Services Corp?

The shooting on October 1 started when a gunman heavily armed, later to be identified as Stephen Paddock, broke windows in his Mandalay Bay suite on the 32nd floor, raining down bullets on the thousands of concertgoers at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. 58 died with hundreds more injured and traumatized. The gunman then fatally shot himself directly following the massacre.

Since the attack, over 2,500 people brought lawsuits or threatened to file them against MGM Resorts according to the company. MGM Resorts International owns both the site of the festival, the Las Vegas Village and Mandalay Bay.

MGM Resorts shared in a statement how the lawsuits are their way of attempting to help the victims heal with their trauma. They call it a horrendous act of an evil individual. In the company’s action of hiring Contemporary Services Corp for the event security, MGM claims its absolution from responsibility in the shooting.

According to MGM’s lawsuit, the lawsuits of the defendants, actual or threatened, implicate the CSC services. Since they reference security at the concert including training, emergency response, and evacuation, MGM claims it shouldn’t be responsible.

The above section of the lawsuit is crucial. MGM hopes judges agree with 2002 law titled the SAFETY Act or Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Technologies Act. That way, it protects the hotel and concert venue from liability. Instead, blame, MGM argues, should go to CSC.