Lawsuits For Ohio State Sports Doctor Over Sexual Abuse

Ohio State University has 2 class action lawsuits filed against them related to a sports physician that worked for them for over 19 years. Five former wrestlers accused Dr. Richard H. Strauss of sexual misconduct during their sports physical. He was involved in examining athletes in over 14 sports. The physical that usually last 5 to 10 minutes involved touching their genitals for over 20 minutes trying to get a “rise” out of them. It was also noted in the lawsuit that he would regularly measure their scrotum and took photos. He even regularly showered with male athletes and sat naked in the locker room reading a book. Dr. Strauss worked for the University between 1978-1998 when he retired and moved to California. The lawsuit claims that University officials knew and failed to stop him in his tracks. In 2005, Dr. Strauss committed suicide.

One of the victims made a video, Mike DiSabato, abused in the late 70’s. He made the video to collect more victims of sexual abuse by Dr. Strauss.

In the video he talks about how it was “common knowledge” what to expect when getting examined by Dr. Strauss:

“Everybody knew before you were going into the room that Doc Strauss was going to touch you,” he says. “It was like the joke before you went in there…you got a sore shoulder, drop your pants.”

Ohio State University Face 2 Lawsuits On Sexual Abuse Allegations

Another victim, Former wrestling captain David Mulvin, said he talked about Strauss with some drinking buddies one night. The conversation came about because of the ongoing claims of sexual assault with student /faculty rising. He had gone to see Strauss for a burn he got from his wrestling protection cup. The doctor examined him for quite some time and then asked him, “Does this thing work”?, Mulvin stated, “Yeah for my girlfriend.” He immediately got up and left. The burn became infectious, and so  he went to another doctor. It wasn’t until the doctor asked him why he just didn’t see his sports doctor that he told him of what Strauss had done. The doctor said he would pass the information along and make a note of that. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know what came of it.

University president Michael Drake is helping with the investigation. Investigators interviewed 200 plus former staff/ students of OSU. Over 100 students allege that Strauss was inappropriate during their physical exams. They are also investigating his private care office in Columbus.