George Clooney Seems Fine After Accident

It seems that George Clooney is healing well after a motorcycle accident last week while in Italy.
Clooney was all smiles while coming out of a plane in Rome this past Sunday. He was coming from his private jet and walked across the tarmac with no help from others.

On July 10, the Oscar winner was riding on an electric scooter, traveling 60 mph when he was involved in a head-on collision. At the time, he was in Sardinia, one of Italy’s islands. Though he was smiling, it is evident that he was in pain. He was walking slowly throughout Rome’s airport. While in Rome, he is filming Catch-22, a new series on Hulu.

Clooney hasn’t been seen since he was getting off a private plain with Amal Clooney, his wife, and their twins. During that time, George was receiving aid from flight attendants. He was hobbling while getting on to the plane.

Apparently, Clooney is healing pretty well. What makes it mind-boggling is the severity of the accident. People saw Clooney fly 20 feet in the air before landing.

George Clooney Says He’s Doing Fine After The Motorcycle Accident

It was Italian authorities who were first to report the incident. They say it was near Olbia, Italy when the traffic collision occurred.
On footage for security cameras, you can see the how serious the crash was. A motorcycle that was in front of Geroge Clooney was able to move out of the way for a black when out of nowhere, the car stops in front of the motorbike.

However, Clooney was so lucky because he ran right into the black car. His helmet hit the window shield and broke instantly.
Authorities brought him to the hospital soon after the incident.

One of Clooney’s reps says that he was able to receive treatment at the Olbia hospital and was not there for too long and that he is doing well.