Stephen Curry And Father Face Off In Golf Tournament

Stephen Curry and his father Dell Curry are always sure to make an appearance at the celebrity golf tournament. The tournament occurs at Lake Tahoe. However, the two wage bets each time.

Steph and Dell’s golf bet have become something people look forward too. The tournament last three days. The championship will occur this upcoming weekend. When the bet between the two happens, its usually on who can beat whom on each course. This year, Dell said that he would beat Stephen by 20 points

While speaking with NBC sports, Dell tells them that his primary goal is to finish strong. He goes on to say that as the week continues, his game becomes better. Jokingly he says that he might go easy on him due to Steph’s wife giving birth to his first grandson. He says that in itself may give Steph some an edge up.

Stephen Curry Wins Bet Against Father

Dell was able to hold his own out on the green. He was only 18 steps behind Curry at the end of the tournament. With that being said, Steph had to keep his word on the bet. Clothes on and all, he took in the cold waters of Lake Tahoe. The crowd cheered him on.

In 2016, Dell was the winner yet again, even after having recent knee surgery. Steph had to pay up cash and a dinner.

Though Steph was in the 11th spot for the tournament, coming in with 50 points, his father came 30th, with 32 points.

He tells reports that it was a mistake letting his golf at the early age of eight-years-old. HDells ays that Steph was able to catch him off guard and surpassed him quickly. He goes on to say that his son has always had good hand-eye coordination and a love for the game.

Being the good port he is, Dell went into the water, clothes on as spectators singer Justin Timberlake, and his son looking on from the edge of the lake.