Baby Trump Balloon Receives Mixed Reactions

It took the creator of possibly the most famous helium-filled balloon, Leo Murray, months to come up with his idea. After a lot of plotting and crowdfunding, Murray could finally see his Baby Trump Balloon lifted to the sky.

However, it does still stand at 20 feet tall. The depiction of an angry, orange, diaper-wearing President Trump in the likeness of a baby, has been at the forefront of anti-Trump protests on his trip to Britain.

However, not everyone found the balloon situation fun.

Earlier in the week, Trump interviewed with a newspaper and acknowledged the Baby Trump Balloon. He said the protests like the one in the capital of England made him feel unwelcome.

Trump said when he saw the blimp he said there was no reason for him to go to London as he felt unwelcome there. He expressed his past love for the city even though he hadn’t been there in a long time. But in the end, if they’re not welcoming, why should he stay?

Trump supporters have gone further than that in their criticism of the balloon. Many have called it demeaning and insulting.

Some of Trump’s supporters have gone further, calling it insulting and demeaning. Nigel Farage, former leader of the Independence Party in the U.K. and a friend of Trump’s, said it was the most considerable insult to a sitting President of the States, ever.

The mayor of London, however, Sadiq Khan, defended his decision to allow the balloon to fly near Parliament. He said so long as the protests were safe and peaceful, it wasn’t his place to decide what’s in good or bad taste.

The Past, Present, and Future of the Baby Trump Balloon

The idea for the blimp came to Murray at the end of last year. He said the thought suddenly struck him and they kept moving from there. They made some sketches and called a graphic designer friend to help them move the project along. Every step of the way they couldn’t help but laugh at the image, so they knew they were onto something.

Those involved in the blimp’s creation said they were happy at the response it has created.  They chose this form of protests as it was likely to be most effective to the sitting president. His well-known vulnerability to personal insults made this one of the best choices they could have done for their message to get across.

After sitting in a warehouse for months, it was finally time to let it free. When Trump’s first official visit announced in April, the planning started. The creators of Baby Trump gained approval to fly the blimp after an online petition and crowdfunding.

During Trump’s visit on Friday, Murray and others sported red overalls with the words Trump Babysitter on the back.

The crowdfunding for this protest raised over 30,000 pounds ($39,600), much more than they needed to make their balloon fly. Murray says the excess money plans to go toward the helium and shipping costs of sending the Trump Balloon on a world tour, following the president on his trips around the world.