Handmaid’s Tale Could Drop From Drama Series Lineup

Could it be that the popular Handmaid’s Tale Drama Series, is going from hero to zero? Recent polls show about 33 percent of readers chose the reigning Best Drama Series Emmy champion as the most likely show not to be nominated of the total five returning contenders.

Needless to say, that would be an enormous shock. Especially since critics predicted the show to defend its crown since the prediction center opened in March. That along with repetitive wins for Elisabeth Moss and Ann Dowd. Should it come to pass, Hulu’s drama could be the first Best Drama Series champion snubbed the following year while still eligible ever since “24” missed out back in 2007. Interestingly enough, that was the second year in a row that the reigning winner missed out. The 2005 champion “Lost” mysteriously went missing in 2006. This disappearance was also around the time that the Emmys created a new, one-time voting system. “Lost” star Jorge Garcia and that year’s host, Conan O’Brien, referenced the snub in an opening bit to the show.

The next highest number of votes went to “This Is Us” with 24 percent. The popular tear-jerker holds down the fort for broadcast dramas. It has become the first to make the cut since last year since 2011 with “The Good Wife.” It is coming off an upset victory by SAG for drama ensemble as well as a clean sweep of wins for Sterling K. Brown, the defending Best Drama Actor champion. The series by NBC also expects to grab acting nominations for the first time for its main adult cast.

Where Other Dramas Line Up With Handmaid’s Tale

Both “Westworld” and “Stranger Things” are neck-and-neck with 18 and 20 percent respectively. The latter is the oldest of the returning five, having ended its second season last October. On the other hand, “Westworld” is the most recent with its conclusion. Its sophomore run officially wrapped up on June 24.

As of now, all five have predictions of nomination. That along with the two-time champion “Game of Thrones” as well as the former nominee “The Americans.” According to the combined odds of Experts, Editors, and Top 24 Users, the most likely to miss is “Westworld.” “Westworld is seventh in place behind “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Game of Thrones,” “This Is Us,” “Stranger Things,” “The Crown,” and finally, “The Americans.”

Now, the Emmys are moving from film to television awards. If you’re one for predictions, make sure you do that in the next couple days. That way, insiders at Hollywood can see how the performers and TV shows are faring in the eyes of the public. You can change your predictions as many times as necessary until just before the announcement of the nominees on July 12. Join in on the fun debate on the 2018 Emmys happening right now in television forums with Hollywood insiders.