Diego Maradona, Retired Soccer Star Still Alive!

After falsely being accused of being dead, Diego Maradona is setting the record straight! According to reports, the soccer legend suffered a heart attack after Argentina’s win against Nigeria. He sent his friend, journalist Daniel Arcucci a message through the WhatsApp stating that he was drinking white wine and that the reports of him dying is a hoax.

In another voice recording to his partner Rocio Olivia, he greets her love and explains that he did not have a heart attack and that he was doing fine.

In the message, you can hear the 57-year old swear on the lives of his family members that nothing was wrong. Also, that the rumors were untrue. Before going to bed that night, he went to his Instagram account to let everyone know that he was doing fine. He said that during half-time, that his neck was hurting him and he was checked out by a doctor.

Diego Maradona, Retired Argentine Soccer Star Did Not Die Of A Heart Attack

The doctor Maradona saw told him that it would be best for him to leave before the second half of the game began. However, he wanted to stay because his team was risking it all. He then sent a virtual kiss to his fans, thanking them for all of their love and support.

Dalma, Maradona’s daughter was on Twitter, proclaiming her disdain against the fake reports about her father dying. In her tweet, she says that she did not hear the story herself. However, any statement, she says, was false, and that people can be sick and twisted.

Also, Dalma says not to feed into the false reports because they are all lies.

Daniel Arcucci was able to post the voice recording of Maradona on to his Twitter account. He wanted to show that the voice message was really Maradona.