Lebron James A Free Agent Soon

All across America, billboards have gone up as a means to recruit Lebron James. However, as James becomes a free agent this week, advertisements might not be the right way to go about recruitment. Either way, they are fun to read!

James only has a few days left to pick up the player option, worth $35.6 million, and continue his run with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

As of now, James has not made the decision to pick up the player option open to him. Even so, sources close to the star basketball player says that he does not look forward to hearing pitches from different teams.

There’s a chance that Lebron will meet to speak with team owners or club officials in the near future. However, elaborate presentations have become the norm when you become a free agent. After being in the league for fifteen seasons, the bells and whistles no longer amuse the star player.

Lebron James Will Be A Free Agent If He Doesn’t Stay With The Cavaliers

With that being said, James is still has a contract with the Cavs. Sources close to Lebron says he and his agents Rich Paul and Mark Termini know how high the stakes are. Also, that he wants to go about finding a new team, if that’s what he chooses, without all of the extras.

In 2010, while a free agent, the superstar player says that there was an elaborate courtship going on between him and teams. Teams such as the Heat, Knicks, Nets, Cavs had spokespeople fly in to make their offer to him. That year, he went on TV letting the nation know who was going to the Heat.

While as a free agent in 2014, James chose a different route. He met with the owner of the Heat and Caves, Dan Gilbert, but face to face.