Canada Legalizes Recreational Use of Marijuana

Tuesday was a historic day for the country of Canada after the Senate passed a bill legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. The end vote was 52-29. Currently, Canada is the second country to allow the use of marijuana legally on a nationwide scale. In the U.S., only in nine states and District of Columbia is the recreational use of marijuana legal. However, there are 30 states who allow for medical use of the drug.

The new Cannabis Act comes for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pledge to keep the youth away from marijuana. Also as an effort to reduce the amount of crime in association with the drug. The act first began circulating headlines in Canada back in April of 2017

In November, the House of Commons passed the law to legalize the recreational use of the plant

The first country to ever legalize the production, sale, and consumption of Marijuana was Uruguay during the end of 2013.

Canada Allows Recreational Use Of Cannabis In New Bill

On Twitter, Prime Minister Trudeau said that it’s been too easy for the children of Canada to get their hands on marijuana. Also, for the criminals in the country to reap all the benefits of the sale of the drug. However, on Tuesday, the country was able to take back the reigns.

After the approval of the bill, adults can carry and share up to 20 grams of marijuana publicly. They can also have four plants in their homes and can create their own edibles for personal purposes.

Even so, there are still rules in relation to the bill. Places that sell alcohol or tobacco products cannot sell marijuana. Consumers are also to only buy from retailers or those with licenses to sell. You also have to be 18 or older to consume the recreational drug.

Provinces have the right to increase the minimum age of consumption as a way to continue to deter the youth of Canada to use pot.