Millennials Are The Worst Generation Of Tippers

Millennials tend to get a bad rep, but now studies show that people in this specific age group are bad tippers! While dining, millennials, or those aged between 18-37 according to, on average leave a 15 percent tip. did a survey on 1,000 Americans. They have found that the 15 percent that they are leaving is entirely a bit less than generations before they leave.

What makes it worse is that around 1 in 10 young adults say that when it comes to tipping, they just don’t. A lot of the time, it isn’t because they don’t want to. Maybe they don’t have enough to leave a good tip. According to senior analyst Matt Schulz, it’s a shame that they aren’t leaving tips. After speaking with reporters at CNBC, he says that by not tipping, you are taking money and food off of their table.

Millennials Are Low Tippers

However, it shouldn’t shock people that millennials are tipping less than older generations. For one, they tend to have less money than those older than them. Be that as it may, they are those working in jobs in which they rely on their tips. With that in mind, you would expect them to better tippers.

According to those at the Emily Post Institute, 15 percent when it comes to tipping, is the minimum. The etiquette experts there say that tipping 18-20 percent is standard. Even so, 63 percent of Millenials are leaving less than 20 percent as a tip.

People within this age still aren’t tipping that much, even when payment systems are set in place. According to the study, around 14 percent of millennials pick the lowest amount suggested to tip. Those older than them ten to be more generous with their funds.

Also, according to the survey, those living down South or on the Western side of the U.S tip less than those on the Northeast or Midwest.