The Incredibles 2: Why We Had to Wait 14 Years

The Incredibles 2 Director Brad Bird had other projects over the past 14 years, but he’s been planning the sequel to his superhero movie all that time.

During the release of the first film, Bird knew he wanted the mission to go to Helen, Mrs. Incredible. He also kept all the potential with Jack Jack in mind. However, the plot still needed a strong villainy aspect to it.

Bird even looked into the possibility of a sequel without a strong villain as he had a severe case of writers’ block. This time led him to the production of Ratatouille in 2007, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol in 2011, and then Tomorrowland in 2015. All the while, still stuck on the plot of Incredibles 2.

Soon after that, Brid had an interesting thought that was greenlit by Pixar. It was smooth sailing for a while. There was a crew and potential release date. But suddenly, the idea no longer worked.

We don’t know the specifics since Bird wants to be able to revisit his idea down the road, but he did mention it involved A.I.

At last, Bird came up with the idea of ScreenSlaver. This villain controls other’s minds through their screens. In the process of the new villain’s creation, Bird says he’s scrapped nearly three other Incredibles movies regarding scenes and ideas. While he liked the plans, they didn’t mesh well with the central plot he had already.

Some might think the inspiration of the villain comes from today’s society of constant digital stimulation and smartphones; however that’s not exactly the case.

Bird says in the Incredibles universe, cell phones don’t exist, even though it would have been useful to the movie.  The director says the inspiration came from his childhood when they were always accused of watching too much television.

Bird Learns The Incredibles Stand Alone

One concern Bird had for the sequel that he didn’t have to worry about so much back in 2004 was the volume of other superhero movies out around the same time.

There was a time Bird himself was unenthusiastic about the film due to the sheer volume of other hero movies. He worried people would tire of the genre before the sequel even came out.

He soon found out, however, that no matter how many Superman, Batman or Spider-man movies there were, his family of heroes stood alone. Bird explains that his primary goal for the film was to explore the family dynamic. The superhero lens is just the icing on the cake.

That’s why both the first and second films are more than the typical hero saves the day films. And should there be a third one, it’s most likely to follow in the same vein as its predecessors.