Unwritten Rules Give Nine Extra Runs

During their match with the Pirates, the Diamondbacks couldn’t seem to catch a break. Joe Musgrove dealt for the Pirates which allowed Arizona only four through six hits while Pittsburgh sat on a lead 5-0. Torey Lovullo, manager of the Diamondbacks, says they were lying flat. Then, the Pirates needed to put a leadoff batter on for retaliation. That and the unwritten rules of baseball.

In the top of the seventh, Braden Shipley hit Josh Harrison. This was the fifth Hit-by-pitch in a game between a duo of teams with a history of beanballs. Instead of waiting for a semi-safe moment for retaliation, Joe Musgrove plunked Chris Owings, leading off the bottom half.

In a comment, Musgrove simply stated that’s how the game’s played. If you’re willing to go out and hit someone, you have to be willing to deal with any outcome there might be. Putting the leadoff runner on base, unusually late in the game. It’s not a good idea to start a rally.

The Diamondbacks Use Unwritten Rules to Take Victory

But the Diamondbacks did rally. The team strung together a few singles, getting one person on a throwing error. They then tried to tie the game with Jake Lamb getting a home-run.

In the eighth inning, Arizona made four more points and won the game handily at 9-5.

Lovullo was very much excited about this gift.

While uncertain about just what went on inside their dugout, Lovullo said if it was retaliation, it cost their pitcher a few runs and could have cost them the win. The team had been lying flat as he had said earlier, they were dormant and dominated, but it gave their dugout a lot of needed energy.

Patrick Corbin started the game, taking a no-decision and saying it was most likely the most significant win this year for Arizona. When looking at all the victories they’ve had, that’s saying a lot. With four in a row, 10 of their 13 have a three-game lead above the Dodgers in the NL West. Meanwhile, the Pirates blew their chance to return to 500.