Crocodile Catches Dog That Was Taunting It

A small dog in Australia that had been terrorizing a crocodile for ten years met his match. After ten years of taunting and chasing after the animal, the dog was dragged into the water by the croc.

There is a video on social media of the encounter occurring. In the video, you can hear the owner of the animals, Kai Hansen, screaming. Pippa, the terrier, runs toward the creature as she’s done so many times in the past. However, as she edges closer to the crocodile, it lunges at her and drags her into the water.

The owner of both animals told reporters that the crocodile was doing what comes naturally.

This wasn’t the first time that Pippa was on camera chasing after the croc. Back in 2017, there was footage online showing the terrier running towards the bank of the river, barking at the animal. However, the croc would just flee underwater and mind its business.

Crocodile Eats Dog

According to news reports, Hansen moved to the area 15 years ago as a way to get away from the city. He currently resides on Goat Island, that is in the middle of Adelaide River.

In an interview with ABC, Hansen says that he is sad about losing his dog. Also, that he hasn’t had the opportunity to watch the video footage of the encounter.

He goes on to say that the crocodile did not do anything wrong. In past experiences with the animal, he says that the crocodile would snap at him. He allows no one to walk down where the animals are and feeds them from afar.

Hansen says that in the future, he will get a new dog; however, he will not allow for it to chase after the crocodiles.

Though Hansen continues to receive criticism over allowing his dog to chase the animals, he says it was in her nature.