Benedict Cumberbatch Saves Cyclist from Muggers

Benedict Cumberbatch, a British Actor who plays Sherlock Holmes in the BBC series of Sherlock among other famous roles, is in the spotlight for his heroics. Cumberbatch foiled a robbery attempt in London by fighting off a gang of muggers. Ironically enough, the attack occurred near his fictional character’s flat on Baker Street.

While Cumberbatch and his wife, Sophie Hunter, were in an Uber, the 41-year-old actor spied an attempted mugging on Marylebone High Street and made the Uber stop. A Deliveroo cyclist was the victim of the four muggers. Witnesses say Cumberbatch yelled at the attackers then drug them off their victim.

Manuel Dias, 53, was their Uber driver for the evening. During an interview, he told The Sun he was taking the couple to a club but didn’t know who it was he was driving at first.

The driver continued saying as he turned down the street he saw four guys pushing a Deliveroo cyclist around. Before he knew it, his passenger jumped out and pulled the men off their victim. When things seemed to be getting worse, the driver stepped out to join Cumberbatch.

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Dias said things got a bit surreal for him. He was standing next to Sherlock Holmes who fought off four attackers just around the corner from Baker Street. They each held one of the muggers, and Cumberbatch seemed confident in his abilities, showing great bravery according to Dias. He defended himself well and pushed the attackers away. When they realized who they were fighting, the group of muggers ran away.

Besides his role in Sherlock as the title character, Benedict Cumberbatch starred in the Avengers: Infinity War, Doctor Stange, and The Imitation Game.

After checking on the cyclist and seeing that he was alright, Benedict hugged the cyclist.

The Metropolitan Police released a statement on a seemingly related incident last November. The perpetrator grabbed the victim’s cycle and proceeded to punch the cyclist in the face and hit them with their helmet.

Dias said the cyclist was fortunate Benedict was there. He praised the actor saying he was courageous, brave, and selfless. Had Benedict not stepped in, the cyclist would have been seriously injured.