Virgin Islands Brace For Hurricane Season

The Virgin Islands are stilling trying to recoup after last year’s hurricane Maria destroyed the islands. FEMA is still in the air helping to rebuild people’s homes. A few months after the hurricane Irma and hurricane Maria struck states such as Texas and Florida, a rebuilding program was set in place.

However, for those in the Virgin Islands, they didn’t receive the program until March. Recovery is going slow in the islands. Less than 100,00 people live in the three major islands that make up the Virgin Islands. Unfortunately, and hurricane season begins most of the islands are not ready.


Virgin Islands Weary Of Hurricane Season

According to officials on the islands, people are worried because there is still a lot of damage left by previous hurricanes. Even when things were looking up, there still wasn’t enough funds for everyone. On the mainland, constructions costs are high. Due to price to cover everything, FEMA put a cap of $25,000 for people’s homes. However, that isn’t enough to cover some folks roofs.

For the Island of St. John, the cost of construction is on the higher end. The only way to get to the county is by ferry boat from St. Thomas. People within the island struggle for the basic necessities. Some are still without phone services and power. People in the area have been feeling hopeless since the storms it and remain afraid for the future of their island home.

Until feel can come out, some people are living in tents and under tarps. Most don’t want to go to shelters. On the Islands of St. John and St. Thomas, people are choosing to live in homes that do not have roofs or windows.

Luckily, there is still hope for those in the Virgin Islands. Federal money will soon be available to replace around 3,00 homes. However, the funds will not be available until after hurricane season subsides.