Moon Settlements Could Soon Be Our Reality

Jeff Bezos, Chief Executive and founder of Inc., promised his rocket startup would help develop robotic rovers and maybe even human inhabitants on the surface of the moon. He promised to do this even should the project fail to garner aid from the U.S. government.

During a multi-faceted talk at a pace conference last Friday, Bezos explained his vision for space exploration. He says exploration of the moon and eventual settlement of its surface is something essential to long-term human survival.

While Bezos didn’t elaborate on the new generation of rockets, landing vehicles, and other essentials for permanent outposts, he did share his passion for speeding up private space travel. According to the businessman, humans won’t be able to survive on earth for long unless they expand off planet.

Bezos says if we don’t expand to space, the only other option is stasis. Societies will have to stop growing due to natural constraints.

While There is Still Much to Work Out, Space Travel and Moon Bases That Support Human Life Are Closer to Reality Than Ever

Considering himself a space geek and avid reader of sci-fi novels, Bezos has a history of talking about his determination to help in the creation of cheap, reliable and even frequent transport beyond our atmosphere.

Along with Elon Musk, a fellow billionaire and founder of Space Exploration Technologies Corp., Bezos has mentioned the development of an infrastructure that will one day move millions of people off planet earth. He also hopes to create reusable rockets that will be able to be used as routine as airline travel.

According to Bezos, it will be more than just the National Aeronautics and Space Administration involved in this process. Instead, he envisions thousands of companies working together over the decades.

Like President Trump, Bezos supports focusing on public-private partnerships for the exploration of space. Together, they will help build landing craft that will soon take experiments and later astronauts to the moon’s surface.

Before the Trump administration, Blue Origin proposed to NASA that it help fund a program to send spacecraft lunar bound.

By himself, Bezos sold nearly one billion dollars of his Amazon stock annually for investment in Blue Origin. The company’s goal is to offer suborbital tourism flights by next year.

Bezos reminded those present that lunar exploration is essential in relocating humans to Mars to create habitats on the surface. These gradual steps should help prevent previous policy mistakes. Namely, when after the Apollo astronauts made it to the moon, five decades passed without any new human-led missions there.