Plane Crash In Cuba Leaves At least 100 Dead

After leaving Havana’s international airport, a plane carrying at least 110 people crashed. According to off Cuban officials on Friday, only three people from the plane crash survived.104 passengers and nine foreign crew members were on their way to their way to Holguin. Witnesses to the accident said that they were able to see smoke coming from the nearby airport.

Onlookers were able to see the plan as it was in a field of yuca-root plants. There was severe damage to the aircraft. At the same time, firefighters were doing their best to extinguish flames. Resident in the area saw ambulances carrying away survivors of the crash. One woman, Beatriz Pantoja, says her daughter was on the plane during the crash. Her and other family member had to wait in a private area of the airport for news.

Currently, the U.S. State Department is working on confirming if whether or not anyone aboard was an American citizen. However, the Argentina Foreign Ministry was able to confirm that two people from their country were on the plane when it came crashing down. In a report, they say that their deaths sadden the entire nation.

Plane Crash In Cuba, Only 3 Survivors

Those related to people on board the plane were quick to the scene. One man was there, whose wife and niece was on the plane during the crash. He did not give his full name to reporters and was also asked to go to a private area of the terminal.

Friday’s crash in Cuba was one of three major plane crashes since 2010.

Back in 2017, a Cuban military plane’s crash was the cause of death of eight troopers on the aircraft. 68 passengers cause of death was due to an AeroCaribbean flight that was going from Santiago to Havana crashed due to bad weather. More information on the plane and the passengers will come out in the up and coming weeks as officials investigate the situation.