Basic Needs For American’s In Poverty Crisis

Around 50.8 million Americans cannot afford the basic needs of their households. This includes rent, transportation, food, and healthcare. An analysis from U.S. government data from this week states that 43% of Americans fall within this category. The United Way Alice Project, a nonprofit organization within Cedar Knoll, N.J., was a part of the initiative to pinpoint the number of people within the U.S. dealing with poverty.

John Franklin, the chief executive of the United Way Alice project, spoke about these finding on poverty earlier in the week. He says the the U.S. has been underestimating the number of poor for some time now. The reason being, misleading numbers from calculations that were out of date. He goes on to say that morally, it is not right for there to be so many hardworking families in this country who don’t receive sufficient pay.

Government Officials Are Ignoring The Basic Needs For All Americans In The U.S.

Alice is an acronym for asset low, income constrained, employed. Those who work for Alice are those who people tend not to think about. They include home health aide, child care worker, and retail workers. People in these professions have jobs that are low-paying, thus, making it hard to save money. Also, they live pay to paycheck.

Be that as it may, there was a study from the year 2017 about poverty that was very interesting. 44% of low income family said they were not able to pay for any emergency costing $400. . Or, they would have to borrow money from someone.

The federal poverty level numbers for 2018 are utilized to calculate those eligible for Medicaid. Also for those who can benefit from the CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Currently, those who make $12,140 individually or a family of eight who makes $42,380 are able to participate in the program.